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Child psychologist Dr.

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Jillian Roberts created the Just Enough series to help parents and caregivers approach difficult subjects with little ones. These primers offer a gentle and accessible starting point for conversations about important topics.

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Research shows that children are learning about sex at an increasingly young age and often from undesirable sources. Additional questions at the back of the book allow for further discussion. Where Do Babies Come From? Other topics in the series include death, cultural diversity and separation or divorce. For ebook and audiobook formats, please visit www. Our First Talk About Birth.

Where do Babies Come From

Cindy Revell's bright illustrations highlight diversity and provide visual clarity that enhances the text. This is a great starting point for parents and caregivers who might need a bit of help knowing how much to tell little ones.

Resource Links. Illustrations are bright, gentle, and engaging.

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They serve very well to help explain the concepts in the book in a more relatable way Recommended as a beginning resource for children who are ready for more specific information about babies and childbirth. The author, a child psychologist, effectively uses a question-and-answer format to anticipate queries, and she responds in brief but thorough explanations. My Amaze. Afrikaans English United States. South Africa.

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Where Do Babies Come From? Add video to playlist Create Playlist. Hormones Sex Menstruation. How does the sperm get into the vagina? Can someone my age really get pregnant or get someone pregnant? Are there other ways to make a baby besides a man and woman having sex? Related Videos.

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Additional Resources Sex, Etc. Kids Health. If someone you know or a family member is pregnant, talk to your child about it. Discussion Questions After watching the video with your class, process it using the following discussion questions:. According to the video, what happens in the testicles once puberty has begun? What happens in the ovaries?

Kids explain how a baby is made

Where could you get more information if you still have questions about pregnancy and reproduction? Is This Normal?

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