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I used to swim by Scotland's coast. Gliding carefree, quiet as a ghost. It's the serenity I miss the most. They called me the Lochness Monster. They'd run away when I would splash. At Underscore Infamous. Bragi The SoundCloud Rapper. Bragi the bard, a name well known. A voice and skill so graceful, it could reach any tone. His soundcloud success, has gotten him far.

His talent best exhibited when his fingers grace a guitar. Boy to King. Because a man didn't cover his wound, because he let his blood drop, that cause himself and his wife to drop.

Prayer for happiness, good health and wealth

Into a pyre, Returning one to the earth, and another to the fire. Deep er End. My, my in who possibly could Poseidon be? From guardian of the sea to directed in scenes, Not too bad since Jason Momoa is the man of MY dreams. Undesirable Men. There were two men Pirithous and Theseus Known around town As sexual deviants.

Secret Identity of Chupacabra. It is a merciless beast according to those who speak, Preying upon lames, upon sheep. It watches from the bushes in the cloak of night. Appreciation of One's Self. Hello, I will change how others create. A man A poet the one whom will put thoughts together I am a stoic.

Micah Gayman She's overwhelmed with emotions often when she feels hopeless drowning in her depression who saves her when there is no savior? The gun goes off The sound of thunder rushing through my ears Adrenaline running through my arms, hands then feet Sour and sweet. Fearing the Name. I will not fear my name, cowering in the shadow of traits and opinions,. He wants the one whose Whistle blew,To lynch him and to beat him blue. His Fall will come and Soon and Swift.

Lowell Fillmore (Author of The Prayer Way to Health, Wealth, and Happiness)

We will soon have a Seismic Shift. The donald then, will be exposed,He. Zeus, Tinder Pro. Zeus, a player, god of Olympus, user of Tinder? Alas a new age the gods will not hinder to the age of tech, love, and splendor. The gods above get hip to the trends. Diana Still Hunts. Wherever she goes, the moon nips at her heels Night crickets sing beneath her chariot wheels; For the uneasy women her headlights shine on bright And banish the wanting creatures of the night.

Medusa's Discovery. Another day. Knowledge of the Unknown. Backseat Killers. This pointless struggling pushing me back. I can't run from this. The Amazons. Slipped away from existence Wondering if they were ever true Isolated from men These women never saw the color blue Against war Men were the enemy Dominating places Dominating society. You Won't Torture Me. The past decade has done nothing but brainwash my heart and my soul I did nothing but what I was told.

The Olympians. The team floats into the back of gym, passing the torches that burn with a bright red flame, lyres and violis sing harmoniously, signaling the start of the ballgame. The Savior and The Devil. A Simple Poem Replace a with e and c with d, T to k and o to p. A simple poem with simple rules, Yet follow them and chaos ensues.

Aphrodite Took a Challenge. I had declared it would not fall in love, But the goddess Aphrodite took it as a challenge.

Still, I was so sure I could manage. One day I met this man who asked me on a date. On my way to work, I said no. Joker of Wall Street.

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The Ballad of Hamilcar Barca. Before this pyre we stand my son, Within this hallowed shrine. Gods, let the flames be seen throughout Hispania one last time. The Indistinguishable Fire. Magical Reflection. My friends ride their bikes to the park, as do I. Chasing live vessels filled with blood Hissing rabidly into the night Under the moon, hunting heedlessly. With Spirit Soaring. An Addict. Of darkness he grew tired - his Dark World, not enough.

Forsaken in a land of shadow, he longed for morning's dusk. His heart was filled with sorrow though his people loved him so.

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The Girl Who Used to Smile. Hercules on Gameday. Jon Livingston Doe. Skateboarding with Jesse. The epitome of cool when I was nine. I kick the road behind me. I never had the motivation until now. The Underworld of Fire. Deep below the Earth's surface, Fire erupts into gulfs of flames.

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A castle of obsidian awaits The arrival of the King Back from the human world. In his arms is a girl with the gift. Flight of Icarus In the Twenty-first Century. The following was inspired by the classic myth of Icarus. He had his youth, and Icarus wished, To fly with the planes and big rocket ships. But he was a boy, a being without wings,. Big black tears. Blowing Smoke. As night falls I must return Before I scare my mother silly And yet I cannot pull myself away From this coffee shop called "The Lilly" Oh, how the city lights glitter The wet pavement so bright.

Jake Story. Ares; The Millennial Gamer. Ares, the god of war, grew weak and lazy. Fighting battles was a chore but efficient killing was crazy, but he found a game online.

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This game had both war and crime. Ares found this game divine,. The Entitled's Curse.