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Like one month before your Erasmus is over.

In The Beginning

That is what this story is about. After living in a city for some time, you start to develop little habits, from cooking dinner with the sound of your neighbour's television to weekly lunches at the same restaurant with the same group of friends or going to the same coffee shop after every class. My habits were very food-related. Once I started feeling that the end of my Erasmus was near, I felt desperate and started crying every time I saw my friends. Something that helped me cope with this feeling was writing.

I started to journal about how the city felt and how the experience had impacted me. A mental photograph like only my own words could describe it so that I could read them to myself later. As exams ended, my friends and I started to plan when we were going to leave and had more time to be with each other.

Planning to keep in touch with my friends was a big mood booster. Nai 2, books view quotes. Sep 15, PM.

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Aug 30, PM. Oscar books view quotes. Aug 05, PM. Rita 2, books view quotes. Jun 19, PM. Ankita 52 books view quotes. Jun 10, AM. Mary books view quotes. Jun 08, AM. My first violin teacher told me to try something else besides playing violin. She said the violin was just not for me. I still remember that day clearly.

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I almost gave it up. I then began to teach myself music that I enjoyed and not what others thought I should play. It would initially take me months to learn a song. To actually perform it live was a whole different story. Today, I just released a product of hard work and dedication.