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Although organizations with their specific types of projects listed below do valuable and important work, NEF does not give grants to:.

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This will save both the applicant and NEF time and funds, in case the project is not one that NEF can grant at that time or not at all, for various reasons. NEF reviews inquiries two times a year see NEF Due Dates below and will contact you within the given month, to let you know if NEF would like your organization to submit an application for a grant.

For questions from organizations outside of the U. Please keep a copy of your application. There will be no debt, no going to work a job, no war or violence, abundance and freedom, and all the necessities you will need to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

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The homes and communities are built in alignment with sacred geometry and sacred principles. The communities will be powered by free energy devices and will offer a free range of new earth technologies. The new earth institute will be providing a global focus standard for higher learning and creative expression.

This is not some hippy commune pipe dream but this is a reality and there are over , signed up and ready to begin a new life. For a thorough understanding of the project and all its principles I suggest reading the New Earth Blue Print pdf that can be found on the main webpage.

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  • Italia, sorvegliata speciale: I servizi segreti americani e lItalia (1943-2013): una relazione difficile raccontata attraverso centocinquanta documenti inediti (Italian Edition).

Also visit the New Earth Project on Facebook for recent and important updates. Become a part of creating a new world where everyone is truly free. Together we have the numbers and we can create a new and better world and a new societal structure at its very roots.

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Please sign up today and be a part of this quickly expanding community. Written by Alexa Erickson Back in April, a team of scientists announced a new project to explore interstellar Written by Jennifer Sodini The video at the end of this article shows a 9-year-old boy discussing the Predictions about the likely course of events in this region, including occasional ones by this observer, have a way Written by Sharing Sustainable Solutions The following is a list of vegetable and herbs which grow well together Your email address will not be published.

By default, files save to the root folder "My Projects".

Project Management

You can create new folders within "My Projects" by typing a name into the New Folder field and hitting Enter. Existing projects and folders can be deleted by using the trashcan icon. Earth Studio uses Earth Studio Project files.

This allows you to save a project locally and share it with collaborators. Export your animation as an.

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To import an. Earth Studio can also import Overlays. Your Earth Studio project keeps a reference to the file on Google Drive so that it can access it the next time you open the project. However, if you plan to share a project with another user, you'll need to make sure that they have access to your KML file on Google Drive. The resulting file will be an. Note that.