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So here it goes, an obscure point about Romansh grammar: Lately I have dedicated more time to Romansh again, and apart from reading stuff and watching videos on Play RTR , I have also spent a few hours refreshing certain grammar points that I sometimes struggle with. : French Books

One such point which I want to share here is the use of adverbs and prepositions to indicate location whether static or movement , because Romansh offers some quite unique features which distinguishes it from other Romance languages. Basically it is a system based around four directions: up, down, in and out, which in Sursilvan is si, giu, or a , en.

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These can be combined with other adverbs, prepositions or particles to give an even more precise indication of location, such as -dem to indicate the very bottom, such as in giudem la val meaning "all the way down in the valley, or with -sum to indicate the highest point. There are even combinations of three adverbs such as viadenagiu made of vi - over, en - in and giu down, to indicate a movement towards the interior and downwards.

All this, according to the specialists, is of course due to the fact that Romansh speakers have always lived in Alpine valleys, where it was important to indicate the exact movement and position in relation to the surrounding nature. Still it has become a feature of the language, and what is more particular is that the four "basic" adverbs can be used as preposition when indicating movement towards or being in a place.

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  5. So basically yo will refer to being in or going to a town or another place with "si" or "giu" depending on its relative altitude to where you are. It is hard to decide if you go up or down when you fly from Zurich to Los Angeles , but e. That is also the reason I alllowed myself to write "si Madrid" in my previous entry, because Madrid is definitely at a higher altitude than where I find myself right now.

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    Aschia sebasa la politica federala svizra sil consens denter las formaziuns politicas e naturalmein era sil consens denter ils cantons. Translation: I continue in Romansh today as well because today the Federal Assembly of the Swiss Parliament has elected the new Federal Council following the elections in October, and for the first time after eight years is there no Romansh speaker in the Council. We hope you glad to visit our website.

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