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El juego con lo real, sin embargo, produce espejismos. Porque la ciudad, como los desiertos, produce espejismos. En todo este conflicto se ha generado un espejismo. Pero hay espejismos contables que pueden ocultar o distorsionar la realidad.

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Me fascina dejarme llevar por el espejismo de las estaciones. Pero no nos dejemos llevar por un espejismo. Aunque las instituciones, frecuentemente, promueven el injusto espejismo de la igualdad.

Es el espejismo de la igualdad formal. Estos escritos espero que sean el espejismo de las vidas que nos tratan de evaporar. Yo lo llamo espejismos de vida. Pero tal permanencia no debe hacernos creer en un espejismo de eternidad o naturalidad de la estructura. Y volveremos a creer en espejismos.

Vote por alguien, en blanco o nulo, de igual forma seguiremos dando el If more than one of the above alternative forms of offer is present, the contract will occur at the earliest point in time when one of the alternatives has been received. If we have not accepted the offer by that point, it will be deemed rejected. At the same time, we will store the contract text in our electronic data processing system.

Since the customer has no access to this system, it is the responsibility and in the interest of the customer to retain the email with the contract text. Section 6 — Prices and payment 1 The prices indicated in the shopping cart include the costs of the selected distillate as well as the costs of procuring the liter wooden cask and storing it on our premises for 3 to 6 years.

For each additional partial year begun, an additional storage fee of euros will be charged. Additional services e. The individual prices can be found in the price list and will be displayed to the customer in the shopping cart. We reserve the right to offer additional payment methods. We reserve the right to withdraw from the contract if payment is not made by the deadline. Section 7 — Production and bottling 1 No later than 14 days after receipt of payment, we will fill the liter wooden cask with the distillate according to the flavor requirements provided by the customer in the order.

We will also give the customer the opportunity each year to be present at a check by arranging an appointment via a separate booking form on our website. The customer has no entitlement to take part in the check. We will provide the customer with an email recommendation at regular intervals, at least once every 6 months, concerning whether the whiskey meets the customer's flavor requirements and should now be bottled. After the third year has elapsed, the customer may submit a statement in text form requesting us to proceed with bottling within 14 days after we have received this statement.

Rechtsgebiet: Arbeitsrecht Rechtstipp vom Translation - English Dismissal for operational reasons: Is the dismissal protection process an option worth pursuing? Practice area: Labor law Legal pointer dated December 1, The law against wrongful dismissal makes distinctions among poor performance, misconduct, and operational reasons as grounds for dismissal.

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Operations has become the most common reason given for dismissal. Currently around two out of three dismissals are related to operational issues. There are, however, far fewer cases of litigation involving operational reasons than those involving misconduct or poor performance. That is primarily because only in the operations category are the necessary grounds for any effective dismissal within the decision-making power of the employer for example, shutting down a division or outsourcing work.

The latter option appears at first glance to be far simpler, for which reason many employees believe there is little they can do against an operationally determined dismissal. Settlement possible even in cases of dismissal for business reasons Nevertheless, such a belief is not borne out in most cases of dismissal on operational grounds. Even with dismissal for operational reasons, the employee as a matter of principle but good luck has an opportunity to access the dismissal protection process to try for a settlement involving compensation for the loss of the job.

In the first place, many employers experience a certain uncertainty about dismissal for operational reasons, since such dismissals are considered to be difficult when it comes to prevailing in a court of law. A major reason for this is because labor courts place very high demands on employers concerning the statement of reasons for dismissal on operational grounds.

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The employer must provide an exact and detailed explanation of the operational reasons for the elimination of the position, and where necessary also provide proof of such reasons. Employers who do not succeed in giving a sufficiently exact and detailed account will lose the termination protection case, even if the dismissal for operational reasons in itself was justified.

A further problem for the employer in a case of dismissal for operational reasons is the correct social selection regarding the number of employees subject to dismissal. Erroneous social criteria can also lead to the invalidity of a dismissal for operational reasons. Dies geschieht in noch budgetneutral, bis wird dann aber schrittweise die Abrechnung nach diesem neuen System erfolgen. Translation - English By next year, Germany's hospitals will have to invoice according to diagnosis-related group DRG compensation rather than flat per diem rates. This new system was introduced in in a budget-neutral fashion, and hospital billing will gradually move towards its full incorporation by At that time, lengthy in-patient stays will lose their economic appeal for hospitals.

There is a distinct fear that patients could be released from the hospital too soon due to financial reasons. The way to avoid "bloody discharge" on one hand and economic difficulty for hospitals on the other should involve thorough, comprehensive diagnosis of the primary disease and all secondary diseases, the Alliance of Diagnostics Industries Verband der Diagnostica-Industrie, or VDGH pointed out to medical, hospital, and health industry professionals attending this year's VDGH Diagnosis Forum in Berlin. Laboratory diagnosis, viewed until now merely as a cost factor, will gain new importance with DRGs: the role of assuring hospitals a reasonable, adequate compensation.

In the future, rapid and accurate diagnoses not only of the primary illness but also of the accompanying conditions that make treatment difficult — such as the infection of a wound — can result in payoff for hospitals. A study commissioned by VDGH emphasizes that laboratory diagnostic results can identify at least factors that complicate treatment.

In thousands of combinations with a primary disease, these results led to increased revenues for the hospital, which could net several thousand euros per case, explained DRG expert G. Hoffmann, M. For manufacturers of diagnostics and laboratory systems, the introduction of diagnosis-related group compensation offers one of the few rays of hope for Increasing hospital demand may not make up, however, for a downturn in revenues from the statutory health insurers.

Income from reagents used exclusively in medical laboratories will drop by 0. A positive development, however, was the revenue from test kits that can be purchased by patients directly in the pharmacy. In diesem Sinne meint Wissenschaft ein nach Prinzipien geordnetes Wissen, ein sachlich geordneter Zusammenhang von wahren bzw. Wissenschaft bzw.

Wissenschaft gibt es in diesem Sinne nicht zu allen Zeiten, und an allen Orten der Welt. Im sog.


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Die Lebenskunst ist dabei zentriert um die Fragen der Selbsterkenntnis, Selbstbeherrschung und Selbstgestaltung — kurz um die Frage der Selbstsorge der Individuen. Translation - English Science can be understood as the embodiment of human knowledge.

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In this sense, science refers to knowledge that is organized according to principles, an ordered association of true or objective conclusions, plausible hypotheses, and possible consequences regarding reality or subsections of it. Science defined in this sense is not found in all ages and in all places on Earth. In the Occident, ancient Greece is considered the site of the discovery of science as an independent cultural framework distinguished from other cultural frameworks such as politics, economy, law, aesthetics, or education.

If the classical canons of knowledge from ancient times are brought together — the linguistic trivium of grammar, rhetoric, logic and the mathematical quadrivium of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music theory — it is apparent that Western science has its origins in mathematical-quantitative and linguistic-qualitative ways of thinking. At its core, the concept of the art of living can be understood as a philosophical school of thought that raises issues surrounding the design and construction of a successful life.

More recent variations on this term, which was first employed by Friedrich Schlegel in in German: Lebenskunst , recall ancient Greek and Roman models and focus on the extent to which human beings can realise a good, successful, and beautiful life. The art of life is thus centred on questions of self-knowledge, self-control, and self-formation — in short, on care for oneself as an individual. How can and should humans care for themselves in such a way as to be able not only to conceptualise their idea of a successful life but also to convert that idea into reality?

In this respect, the art of living is an ambitious undertaking because, in addition to being both a rather extensive hermeneutic of oneself — one that encompasses not only self-understanding but also self-interpretation — and an action-based praxis oriented toward specific aesthetic categories that is thoroughly bound up in patience, concentration, practice, and discipline, it also goes hand in hand with an aesthetic style that corresponds in turn to aesthetic criteria cf.

The ancient Greeks employed the terms theoria, praxis, and poiesis to characterise these spheres.

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This essay seeks in the first place to demonstrate that in Western thought the art of living represents a form of knowledge that is both every-day and scientific — which generally means embracing philosophical knowledge but also knowledge from other sciences, such as medicine or therapeutic knowledge. In the second place, it attempts to make clear that both quantitative and economic perspectives on the art of living as well as both qualitative and evaluative descriptions of its specific condition continue to be relevant today.

A subsequent Critical Pedagogy would therefore no longer need to pose the tiresome question about the general in pedagogy but would instead reflect the pedagogy in general society. According to this notion, the educational system is in the first place a central regulatory authority for the production and reproduction of the workforce commodity. To a significant extent, pedagogy derives its social legitimation from its function of producing in the labour commodity the level of education, skills and competence required for the respective relations of production and is therefore a key factor in the expanded accumulation of endogenous growth conditions.

To see through the connection of this reproduction of reproduction, it becomes necessary once again to refer to the critique of natural ability models and the pedagogical legitimation of social inequality. And thirdly, the mode of social critique, which would always be a critique of capitalism, would need to be sharpened. Even areas of Critical Education such as the historically significant peace education are not immune in the face of regressive and resentful forms of capitalist critique; in the presence of a new populism and new Third Position politics, they are in need of a materialist reflection on their critical concepts.

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With the concept of the Third Position, reference is made in both a historical and current context to the content-based intersections of conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic world views on the right and to some extent on the left of the political spectrum. In the s, representatives of the Conservative Revolution endeavoured to forge a link between nationalism and socialism.

Similar efforts are once again strongly in evidence in current right-wing populism cf. La gloria de Dios se muestra luminosa, vivificadora y fascinadora en el cuerpo de Cristo. Su presencia es su voz. Cristo es de nuestro mundo en la unidad indivisible de lo humano y de lo divino.

It takes up again the story of Moses, ratified in one sense but relativized and surpassed in another. No one has ever seen God. He Who is His Word has told us of Him; He Who has been at His side for all eternity has revealed Himself to us in time; He Who confronts us with a friendship that is affiliation makes possible an amity greater than that known by Moses. This is why the disciples, and through them all believers, can achieve a self-understanding of friendship. Saint John brings the extremes together: Logos and the flesh, the one Who was at the side of the Father and the one Who dies in the world, the beloved Son and the older Brother murdered through the violence of the younger brothers, the one lifted up on the cross and the one lifted up in glory, the one Who passed through our world and the one Who was wounded by our offenses.

Crucifixion act of men , death act of Jesus and resurrection act of the Father all come together for Saint John in the concept of glorification. The glory of God is seen in the body of Christ as luminous, life-giving and fascinating. Christianity has its roots in the religious experience of the people of Israel.