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And unlike a homeowners policy, floaters and endorsements carry no deductibles, so there is no out-of-pocket expense to replace the item. Forward a copy of the receipt to your insurer—so that your company has a record of the current retail value of the ring—and keep a copy for your own records.

Blinded By the Bling

Antique jewelry will need to be appraised for its dollar value. You can ask your insurance professional to recommend a reputable appraiser.

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An up-to-date inventory of your personal possessions can help you purchase the correct amount of insurance and speed up the claims process if you have a loss, so remember to add your new ring to your inventory. To make creating a home inventory as easy as possible, the I.

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A Insurance Information Institute poll found that 96 percent of homeowners had homeowners insurance but only 37 percent of renters had renters insurance. If you rent your home, renters insurance can provide important financial protection in the event your belongings are stolen or destroyed. Boschetto said some of the traffic in fake gold is carried out by certain groups, especially in Toronto.

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But such members are also active at times in Sudbury, he said, and about five years ago several of them pulled off a theft at Ambrosia by distracting him. Those who buy counterfeit gold often bring their finds to legitimate sellers or hock shops, hoping to profit — or, as Boschetto puts it, "find someone who is a greater fool than themselves.

He said one faux chain it was gold-coated, but brass underneath was brought into his store three times over the course of two weeks by different people.

nensrymolidist.ml Many victims are also hesitant to report the crime, out of embarrassment or perhaps fear they themselves will be accused of wrongdoing. While some scams use fear tactics or fool you by impersonating a financial institution or tax agency, a gold item at a great price goes to a more impulsive, pleasure-seeking part of the human psyche, combining a sparkly object and a supposedly sweet deal.

Brunette said someone passing off a piece of cheap jewelry as something far more valuable can face a range of penalties.